iVision Overview

Automation of the Visual Inspection

We offer an inspection system with software and monitoring camera.
The advantages of this system are to automate a product inspection by using machine vision and eliminate human error.

Also, iVision can inspect an object at ten milliseconds speed and inspect the appearance of product which is less than 5 microns.
Therefore, you can get stable inspection accuracy and reduce the cost such as labor cost.

Image Processing Library HALCON on Engine

HALCON is the image processing library which is adopted in National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
In iVision has HALCON as an engine.

Preprocessing of Image

iVision has a lot of filters such as gamma correction, edge emphasis, noise reduction.
iVision performs preprocessing process by using those filters and higher inspection accuracy can be realized.

Support of Inspection with Multiple Cameras

iVision can connect to up to 12 cameras with one system.
iVision can largely reduce cost of inspection because it can support inspections of several lines with one system.

Add Inspection

You can add a necessary inspection in a short term even after introduction.
For example, after you introduces a system of only scratch inspection, you can add the inspection of dimensions and color in future.

Of course you can introduce iVision into an existing inspection system anew.

Inspection Equipment 01Inspection Equipment 02